People Center

Manage all Team Members in one centralized location.

Easily manage your team, onboard new hires and create a team directory in one platform.

Easily Manage Team Members

Manage all employees in one centralized place, whatever the size of your company. 

Our powerful editing tools allow you to single or bulk select team members and execute actions like changing departments, updating job titles, or assigning new managers.

Hire & Onboard In Minutes

Welcome your new hires digitally. Easily schedule their work hours, assign a time off policy, and track attendance through biometric devices or a web check-in.

With just one click you can create a user account for new hires, so that they are in control of their important data.

Intuitive Team Directory

Increase cross-functional communication and company efficiency with contact information your team members have chosen to share.

Is Your Current HR System Costly, Inflexible, And Difficult To Use?

We offer a more cost-effective solution with a user-friendly interface, and customizable options to fit your specific business needs.

Automatic Org Chart

Automatically generated and updated Organizational Charts based on team member roles and connections to help you with structure and information.

A snapshot of your entire organization in one interface.

Powerful Data Tools

Customized Reports

Decide who can view or edit information about your employees, specific to every information. Keep a pulse on the overall health of your organization through reporting tools.

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